Busiest Train Stations

If one thing is used very diligently then there could be some problem that will arise. It can have problems due to the continuous use of parts that deteriorated. Others make every effort to repair it to keep it running until the time that they cannot be used already and no choice but to replace them. This is not the situation of the trains in the country of Japan. They have set a limit on the lifespan of their trains and they changed it at that time.

That is why they have the best trains around the world because they have their focus on quality and safety and not just for profit. Even competitors cooperate with each other for the better achievement. Let us see the busiest train stations around the world.

Shinjuku (first), Shibuya (second), and Ikebukuro (third) are all train stations that are located in the Tokyo are in Japan. It means the country of Japan has the top three busiest train stations around the world.

It does not end there as the Umeda train station which is still located in Japan is the number four in the rank as the busiest train station. The number five is Yokohama station located in Kanagawa, Japan. If we continue on the list we will see more and more of the train station that is located in Japan. It is such a gruesome thing to manage millions of passenger in one day but the Japanese station have already had the system installed.