Escape From The City

The city of Tokyo in Japan is a very busy one as millions of people work here and they continually move and do their work every day. In this city is where you can find many foreigners also who work and live there. The main transportation in Japan is the trains. That is why you can be able to see all sorts of passengers in trains. Within the city and in the countryside and other cities in Japan, the main transportation is the trains.

Due to the very busy life in Tokyo, many people want to go on vacation even for a day or hours just to be able to relax and be refreshed. What they use will be the trains still. Even if it is not easy because they are packed with passengers but people endure it just to have some relaxation. They go to the countryside so they could be with nature. This is the very reason why many Japanese who resides in Tokyo to move to rural areas to be near the sea.

That is because they can feel the difference between living in two different areas. That is why there are many working men depart early in the morning to catch a train and then transfer to another train before walking and arriving in the working place. After work, they also have to ride the one to even three hours of train ride to be able to go home. The train is the way to the city and the way outside the city.